I haven’t used tumblr in a very long while

I guess my ability to do so means I wasn’t one of those whose account was lost?

Installing software in #Bohdi #Linux is a bit different to most distros, but I like it

I like this photo; really nice lightwork

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The problem with all these PRISM denials is: if the US Gov has enough leverage to extract the data; then they obviously have enough leverage to pressure the same companies into denying it’s taking place and therefore we will never know

Reading http://crave.cnet.co.uk/software/doubts-cast-on-us-govt-prism-snooping-program-50011444/

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New Carnivorous Sponge Looks Like A Harp

10,000 feet below the ocean’s surface, scientists recently discovered the harp sponge, a new carnivorous species. Clinging with root-like “rhizoids” to the soft, muddy sediment, the harp sponge captures tiny crustaceans and slowly digests them.

by Live Science Videos.

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Targeted Ads

If targeted ads worked exactly the way they’re sold, we’d all love ‘em to death. We’d only see ads we liked and all data tracking would be opt in. We’d be told exactly what we were giving away and we’d have unlimited access to our own data. We could specify what sort of ads we wanted to see and get to find out exactly how much they earned the collector and its affiliates

How many times can a crisis recur?


Interview: Niger’s Very Large But Sadly “Normal” Malnutrition Situation

A complex series of nutritional crises is unfolding across the nations of Africa’s Sahel region. MSF director of operations Dr. Jean-Clément Cabrol has just returned from southern Niger. In this interview, he describes what he found and why a new approach is needed to treat the children who bear the brunt of the region’s chronic food insecurity.

Is there a food crisis in Niger?
If you’re asking if the situation is exceptional, then the answer is no. In Niger, food access problems that trigger widespread malnutrition are unfortunately recurrent. In 2011, which was not even considered a crisis year, more than 300,000 severely malnourished children were treated throughout Niger, and not only by MSF. This year, that figure could reach 390,000.

Read the rest of the interview here. Photo: A child is weighed at the MSF integrated health center in Dakoro District, Maradi region.
Niger 2012 © Julie Remy

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When I was child there was no copyright theft. We had apple scrumping though

Not far from where we lived, there was a public footpath, bordering an orchard and when we were about 11 a few of us would climb the fence and sit in the orchard eating the apples. We rarely took any with us, because we were in no hurry. The orchard was surrounded by open fields and obviously many miles from whoever owned it. We lay in the orchard eating and socialising. As time went by our little group dwindled, moving on to secondary school and beyond. None of us ever went back to the orchard. It was never about the Apples. It was about the sharing.

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